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To cegiełka, która może zbudować świat otwarty dla niewidomych

Following the success of the original Polish version of Piotr Witt’s book about Chopin’s life in Paris and his sudden rise to fame, a Polish Braille edition of the book was published by Fundacja Szansa dla Niewidomych.

SZANSA is now pleased to announce that a French language version

Chopin à Paris. Une affaire non classée” is now available from:



Fundacja Szansa Dla Niewidomych

Foundation Chance For The Blind, 2019

ISBN 978-83-63028-55-8

Traduit par Erik Veaux


Publishroom Factory – Paris

ISBN 979-10-236-1180-9



Price : 34,90

The brilliant success he achieved divides Chopin’s life in France into two distinct periods. The later period we know well. When he became rich and famous, his public performances were announced on posters, they were commented and discussed in the press; every gesture, every word was noted by students, chroniclers and diarists. His first months in Paris, however, are not known. What did he do? Where did he live? How did he live? Instead of facts, the same inaccurate legends keep cropping up. The poor do not have a history. And yet the period preceding Chopin’s triumph deserves more attention to detail: it was during those months that this aspiring young concert pianist was transformed into the most expensive Master of the Pianoforte; the composer of works intended for performance in huge concert halls turned into the composer of brilliant études, preludes, nocturnes and mazurkas, played for an élite audience in the leading drawing-rooms of Paris.

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